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Yapa is a culinary adventure that transports you to another world. A nomadic journey of experiences, memories, and flavours, distilled on your plate.


Daring, surprising, playful, Matteo Pancetti’s cuisine blends traditions and techniques from diverse cultures. Designed for sharing, our menu defies categorisation. What brings each dish together are the exceptional ingredients from small farms and specialist producers who share our commitment to sustainability and seasonality.

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“Growing up in Tuscany, I was taught that simplicity is a virtue and provenance is everything. I love the rule of a few elements, enhanced with techniques I have learnt in kitchens all over the world.”

Matteo pancetti


A neutral canvas that lets the vibrant flavours sing. A monochrome palette and muted lighting set the stage for spirited conversations around the table or at the bar, where guests can riff off the energy of the open kitchen. An intimate, understated antidote to the traditional Milan scene.



We bring an insatiable curiosity and a communal spirit to the table. Sparking unexpected connections through surprising flavour combinations. This easy conviviality is at the heart of Yapa - which means “a little something extra”, a special treat gifted from host to guest.


Matteo invests as much time and energy tracking down the finest ingredients as he does perfecting each dish. Deep respect for nature is the root of Matteo’s personal relationships with the farmers and artisans who supply our raw materials.

Thoughtful sourcing and peak seasonality are second nature in our kitchen. Honouring the origins and essence of every ingredient, coaxing out maximum flavour with minimum intervention.

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Friends of Yapa always get a little extra. Make sure you don’t miss out.

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